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Injured On The Job/Workers' Compensation

Have you been injured on the job? Is your claim over 3 months? Did your first attorney not reply to your calls? Have you been denied workers' compensation unfairly? If your claim is closing but you are not yet recovered from your injuries chances are you need a lawyer now. There is too many reasons to list as to why you might need an attorney.

Chances are if you are reading this you need to talk to an attorney. An attorney who understands the system and the laws can do three things: 

1. They can turn bad outcomes into good results. A typical example of this is when an attorney can recover months or even years of lost wages. 

2. They can turn good outcomes into better results. A typical example of this is at the end of the claim, when there is an attempt to close a claim at a lower payment to you, we can go to bat for you to get you the maximum under the law. 

3. They minimize the effect of bad results. With a lawyer you have the best chance of avoiding evidence that is harmful to your case.

At Carson Law Practice we know this claim is one of the most important aspects of your life, your mortgage may depend on it, your sense of identity may be tied up in your work, and your future is could be directly tied to it. What separates us from other worker compensations firms you ask? We are fully digital and case notes are immediately available to you via our website client access so you will know what we did, when we did it, and you are encouraged to play as active of a role as you wish in the resolution of your case. If you have questions call us today because, communication is our greatest virtue! 

Employment Law

You can have justice… but workers in America have the deck stacked against them. It starts with not knowing the laws which exist, but it goes much further. What you don't know is that your company can bend the laws in their favor. 

First, we’d be want you to know your rights as an employee or former employee. Second, we want you to know your options when your rights have been violated. Lastly, we want justice for you and similarly situated workers.

Wrongful Termination, 
Unemployment benefits, Wage and Overtime, Retaliation,  Employment Contracts
Federal Medical Leave Act or even Non-Competes are just some of the issues that can arise in the workplace. 
Legal issues around employment can be complex with a lot at stake. Contact us today we can help.

Social Security & Disability

At Carson Law Practice we can help people struggling with the system. We firmly believe that if you thought you COULD work, you would not be here. It is getting very difficult to obtain Social Security Disability Benefits in the State of Washington. Whether you have general or specific questions please free to call us. We know and appreciate that with Social Security and Disability Benefits that each case is very unique to each individual and we are here to dedicate our time getting to know you as a client and your unique situation so that we are able to help you in the most fitting way.  

Here at Carson Law we encourage claimants to take an active role in their case. We offer client login capabilities so that you can follow all actions we have taken on your case step by step. Call us today! 

Pro Bono

Carson Law Practice is always interested in helping those in need. Call us today to see if your case is a good fit for both parties. If we can't take it on - we can point you in the right direction.