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Dave Carson, Attorney/Founder

About Dave Carson

Dave Carson proudly graduated from Seattle University for the second time when he got his legal degree in 2014.  His previous years of school earned him a degree in Physics and Math, but he quickly found that a quiet lab or engineer firm is not where he belongs. He created his own path by joining the ranks of AM talk radio where was able to argue and debate topics of the world including politics and beyond with some of the best voices on the Seattle airwaves. It was then he decided to go back to Seattle University to get his law degree, so that he could do what he does best: Fight for the underdog! Whether it's someone being bullied by an evil corporation or a sick person being denied social security they rightfully deserve, it is something Dave prides himself on fighting.

He has spent his days since graduating specializing in social security and workers' compensation as well as fighting and winning every traffic infraction case to come across his desk. There isn't a ticket he can't take on - challenge him - he loves it. 

When Dave is not fighting for your rights in a courtroom, he is a proud husband to his wife and father to his 3 children. Hobbies include: Judo/martial arts, traveling, film-making, talk radio, writing, camping, cribbage, wine tasting and scotch.